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PostSubject: [INFORMATION] About Us   [INFORMATION] About Us EmptySun Mar 30, 2014 9:04 pm

About Us
ARES is an innovative, privately-held training and security solutions provider serving government and commercial industries worldwide. Founded in 2003, Ares Defense Solutions was initially envisioned as a training facility to support the needs of local and regional law enforcement personnel. Today we are capable of providing risk assessment, training and security solutions in multiple locations across the globe, reacting to need with near-immediate deployment.

ARES operates across the security spectrum: ASSESS, TRAIN and PROTECT.

Specifically, we specialize in:

•Training and support for domestic and international clients
•Personnel and facility security services
•Mission support and staff augmentation
•Risk management and security services consulting
•Stability support, crisis response and forward base operations
•Training for civilians, law enforcement and military personnel

ARES serves U.S. Government departments and agencies, law enforcement organizations, allied government and corporate and individual customers worldwide.

The ARES Name

Our name comes from the Greek god of war, a god representing the physical and strength based aspects of war while including military strategy and generalship, inspiring both thinkers and warriors alike.

ARES is that institution today.
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