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Exeutive Admin

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PostSubject: Administration Roster    Administration Roster  EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 1:44 pm

Server Owners

Steven_Ramos | American Timezone | Active |Donations & Public Services Director | Owner of Server & Forums

Lindxey_Ramos | American Timezone | Active |

                      Executive Administrators

                       Admin Directors
                              Head Administrators
Adrian_Myrick | American Timezone | Active |

                              Senior Administrators

BrickSquad_Monopoly | American Timezone | Active |
                              General Administrators
                              Junior Administrators

                              Server Moderators

Sonny_Freeman|Egyptian Timezone| Active |      
                                      Total of 5  Administrators.
Are you on the admin team and not in the roster? Use this format below.
Quote :

In-Game Name:

Admin Rank In-Game:

Are you In-Active, Semi-Active,Active?

Your current GMT:

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Administration Roster
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