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 Los Santos Fire And Medical Department: History

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PostSubject: Los Santos Fire And Medical Department: History   Los Santos Fire And Medical Department: History EmptyTue May 05, 2015 12:27 am

Los Santos Fire And Medical Department: History B85BncB
Los Santos Fire And Medical Department: History YsNwX1n

Los Santos Fire And Medical Department: History YsNwX1n

Los Santos Fire And Medical Department: History E226675f-7e23-4d5a-ac9b-114ede86345d_zpsfc618f6d

The Los Santos Fire and Medical Department would like to welcome both new, and old returning employees to service. Starting with this handbook, you will learn or relearn the essential information needed to successfully complete not only your job as a paramedic, but as a respectful member of the department. Opportunities are always available in the LSFMD, now more than ever. General rescue and emergency medical service divisions are a good way to start. However, if you have the knowledge how to drive in a emergency situation, and have the appropriate academic intelligence; you may have the opportunity to enter into Human Resources. If you wish to become active, and pursue these positions, apply today.

Roughly every 40 seconds on average, a citizen of Los Santos dies, this goes without saying, we stay busy. With law enforcement, gangs, domestic disturbances, and over a hundred different circumstances, there is always something to do, and someone to assist. When you are accepted into the LSFMD, you are restricted from any divisions. As a Probationary, your skills will be observed by HR to become promoted to a full-time Paramedic. When you become a Paramedic, you are automatically assigned to Ground Service and your career in the LSFMD truly starts. Divisions are opened up to you, as well as promotional opportunities, should you choose to take them.

The department provides both emergency medical services and fire protection to the city of Los Santos in San Andreas. The LSFMD is currently one of the largest municipal fire and medical departments in the United States, after the New York City Fire and Medical Department and the Chicago Fire and Medical Department.

Los Santos Fire And Medical Department: History A762e3a4-d9fc-453d-a9cf-6f5ad77dddee_zps1170b20c

The Los Santos Fire and Medical Department has it origins in the year 1871. In September of that year, George M. Fall, the County Clerk for Los Santos County organized Engine Company No. 1. It was a volunteer firefighting force with an Amoskeag fire engine and a hose jumper (cart). The equipment was hand-drawn to fires. In the spring of 1874, the fire company asked the Los Santos City Council to purchase horses to pull the engine. The Council refused and the fire company disbanded.

Many of the former members of Engine Company No. 1 reorganized under the name of Thirty-Eights No. 1 in May 1875, Engine Co. No. 2 was organized under the name Confidence Engine Company. Los Santos acquired its first "hook and ladder" truck for the Thirty-Eights. It proved to be too cumbersome and was ill-adapted to the needs of the city. It was sold to the city of Wilmington. In 1876, another "hook and ladder" truck was purchased, serving in the city until 1881. In 1878, a third fire company was formed by the residents in the neighborhood of Sixth Street and Park. It was given the name of "Park Hose Co. No. 1". East Los Santos formed a hose company named "East Los Santos Hose Co. No. 2" five years later. The final volunteer company was formed in the fall of 1883 in the Morris Vineyard area. This company was called "Morris Vineyard Hose Co. No.3."

All of these companies remained in service until February 1, 1886, when the present paid fire department came into existence.

In 1877, the first horses were bought for the city fire department. The department would continue to use horses for its equipment for almost fifty years, phasing out the last horse drawn equipment on July 19, 1921. By 1900, the Department had grown to 18 fire stations with 123 full-time paid firefighters and 80 fire horses. The city had also installed 194 fire-alarm boxes allowing citizens to sound the alarm if a fire was spotted. 660 fire hydrants were placed throughout the city, giving firefighters access to a reliable water source. In 1955 Station 78 in Studio City became the first racially integrated station in the department.

In 2007, LSFMD had nearly 3,600 uniformed personnel operating from 106 fire stations who offer fire prevention, firefighting, emergency medical care, technical rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, disaster response, public education and community service to a resident population of more than 4 million people who live in the agency's 471 square mile (1,220 km²) jurisdiction.

Los Santos Fire And Medical Department: History F614b696-49a2-4ab7-8357-33e1e62ad5b4_zps3b45d6df
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Los Santos Fire And Medical Department: History
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