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 Posting an Administrator Request

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PostSubject: Posting an Administrator Request   Tue May 05, 2015 4:25 pm


  • If you are looking to join a usergroup let us know and we will set it.
  • Being a Thug Life donator entitles you to ONE usertitle, even if you have bought Thug Life several times. You can then have that one usertitle changed at any time.
  • Don't post an admin request if you have a suggestion, you can post it here.
  • You can report bugs by clicking (here)
  • If you want to post a complaint against someone, you do it by clicking (here)
  • Do not bump your own threads and do not post requests about ban appeals or complaints, they are dealt with by different departments.
  • We do not make avatars bigger upon request. There are restrictions for a reason.


  • If you need a usergroup on TS3 make sure to include your UID (Unique ID)
  • If you need channel admin over a specific channel on TS you will need to contact an admin in teamspeak as this cannot be done offline.
  • Open up your teamspeak client and hit CTRL + I or use the settings tab at the top. Copy and paste your UID and add it to your administrative request.


  • If you get banned in-game do not post an administrative request. You should post a ban appeal here
  • Changing your age in-game can be done with the command: /changeage
  • Changing your gender in-game can be done with the command: /changegender
  • Changing your phone number in-game can be done with the command: /changeph
  • You can change ownership of your business in-game with the command: /businessmenu
  • If you get bugged in-game and lose your guns make sure you have a screen shot of you with the guns. You can use the command: /myguns
  • If you request a CK to remove your crimes/arrests you will lose EVERYTHING including your total wealth, crimes, arrests, pot, crack, materials, etc.
  • We do not re-arrange your /vstorage. If your cars are disabled delete some of your cars and relog or purchase a donator package to unlock more slots in your /vstorage
  • We do not transfer vehicles from one account to another. You can sell your cars in-game with the command: /sellmycar
  • If you want a radio station added in-game make a suggestion by clicking (here)


  • Be patient. Don't PM the tech staff members unless told to in your admin request.
  • If you're trying to recover a lost account or scammed items provide as much detail as possible.
  • We don't need your ip, do not post it.
  • When requesting a namechange it can be useful to have two names prepared in case one of them is taken.
  • We're not responsible for deals made outside of the game. You trade accounts at your own risk.
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Posting an Administrator Request
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