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 Help for different reasons In-Game

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Help for different reasons In-Game Empty
PostSubject: Help for different reasons In-Game   Help for different reasons In-Game EmptyTue May 05, 2015 6:34 pm

When playing in our server you may come across certain problems or just might find yourself a little lost, there things you can do if you find yourself in any of these situations.

(This step is necessary for any form of In-Game error that is currently taking place)
If for example you're trying out some animations and happen to find your character is stuck in that animation like this:
Help for different reasons In-Game ZsAMcnv

You're going to want to use the command /report - Informing admins that you're stuck or have found a bug in the server.

Help for different reasons In-Game HM4pXBD

This will alert all admins currently In-Game who are capable of helping you in any situation like this.

If you're playing the server and happen to realise you have no idea where you are, or have just been told to meet someone somewhere and don't know where it is or any other reason you may need help to make your gaming experience better and easier like this:
Help for different reasons In-Game SBa4vhg

You should use /requesthelp followed by why you need help.

Help for different reasons In-Game U1TO9RY
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Help for different reasons In-Game
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