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 Emergency Lights Mod (Cleo Mod)

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Emergency Lights Mod (Cleo Mod) Empty
PostSubject: Emergency Lights Mod (Cleo Mod)   Emergency Lights Mod (Cleo Mod) EmptyTue May 05, 2015 6:57 pm

New in this version:
Build up to 3 custom light patterns each with a max of 99 steps.
Custom pattens can have custom names (does not work in SAMP)
Custom Pattern preview now more realistic
Indicators have realistic sounds
3 Switchable Custom Sirens! Much requested - works on any car can interupt the standard sirens with your own MP3/Wav file. (3 included)
3 Programable hot keys to fast switch to your favourite modes
New Random Mode - Strobes flash randomly
Reset Option - you can now minimise game, change settings in the config tool and reset the mod rather than the whole game
Aircraft Warning Alarm - An 'extra' optional mode which will sound an alarm if your plane/heli goes too low health and is about to explode.
Menu selection key now customisable (default is H)
Extra Crash prevention - Auto Off no longer required to prevent SAMP crashes (default option is now disabled).
2nd Car Mode Improvements - can be activated whilst standing next to or inside another car. If the car respawns it no longer crashes.
Menu speed Improvments
Fixed 'no text' issue on some installations
General improvments/bug fixes

Other Features:
* Up to 16 changable light modes with menu
* Patterns show to other players (In sync) in SA:MP v0.3
* Create or import 3x custom light patterns with up to 99 steps. Export these and exchange with other players
* Cars are fully damagable - mod does not repair the car of offer any advantage over other players
* Optional Area Flash - flashes objects in sournding with area custom colour
* Area flash includes modes for patterns visable on the road
* Cars can be destroyed
* Can be activated on a second car
* Headlights can be turned on or off
* Menu/Sub Menus - Text shows in SA:MP
* Auto DeActivates in Pay N Spray (prevents crash)
* Turns on lights of nearby cars - so you can see other car lights flash during daytime (SAMP synced)
* Check for updates link added with support forum
Cilivian Features:
* Indicator Left/Right (with ticking sound) - SA:MP Synced
* Give Way Flash - SA:MP Synced
Cleo Required
Download Link
All Credits Goes to  SAESAndy
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Emergency Lights Mod (Cleo Mod)
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