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PostSubject: HOW TO USE AUTOHOTKEY/BINDS   Thu May 14, 2015 2:21 pm

I just want to share with you guys this video I saw on how to use Autohotkey or commonly known as Binds just in case you didn't know how to use it

If you guys are more into pictures than a video guide:

  • After you download the application, install it.
  • After you finish installing it, go to your desktop then right click with your mouse (RMB), new, AutoHotkey Script.
  • Then press Edit script

  • A new window should open and it should like this
  • Erase everything inside the file. (ctrl+a then backspace or delete)
  • Now we begin scripting your custom binds/hotkey.

    • A few hints and pointers first

      • Sleep Binds,
        1000 = 1second.
        If you type "Sleep 5000" your command will enter after 5 seconds.

      • Alt,Shift,Ctrl
        If you want to make your bind with ALT, you've to use !, example: !1 which means ALT + 1.
        If you want to make your bind with Shift, you've to use +, example +1 which means SHIFT + 1.
        If you want to make your bind with Control (CTRL), you've to use ^, example ^1 which means CTRL + 1.

  • Let's start with a simple /getmats bind example to get you started

      • ! - Is ALT.
        1 - Is number 1. the 1 on top of your qwerty section. not the keypad.
        t - Is to open text box for GTA SAMP
        {enter} - Is for sending your bind automatically without you needing to press enter.

    • Now we add a little roleplay to the bind just to make it look better

  • Now we are finished with the bind, we will have to save it so press Ctrl+S
  • After you saved the script, now right click with mouse in your AutoHotkey Script file then click Compile Script.

  • A new icon will be created on your desktop, just open it when you are ready to use it (gets in the way if you are doing school stuff like MS word or Excel so keep it closed if not in game).

I hoped this simple guide helped you if you didn't already know this stuff.

Credits to the owners of the video
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