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 Field Training Operations Handbook

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PostSubject: Field Training Operations Handbook   Sat May 16, 2015 3:09 am

Field Training Operations
General Information Handbook

This is a handbook of general FTO knowledge, it contains a compilation of several threads, and policies regarding the FTO division. This handbook is subject to change and update at any time. I will try and announce if anything is added.


Due to the fact that FTO has already, and will to gain members, Weekly requirements are adjusted to the following.

From now the requirements are:
Every member would need to have done at least 2 processes per week.

The following processes would count:
- Interview
- Theory Training
- Practical Training
- Cadet to Officer
- Refresher courses
- Handpick (For Sergeant+)

IMPORTANT NOTE:Failure to complete above may result in demotion. All members, from the ranks Officer I - Sergeant have these requirements.
[b]Additional information:
Officers I still must have to complete their 3 requirements (1 Interview - 1 Theory Training - 1 Practical Training) in order to be promoted to Officer I.
[b]This thread is for FTO Seargeants and above, and Certified FTO members !

When you, guys, review an first of all, make sure that no one is already reviewing it.
If there is no one, and when you do it and put it OH-HOLD, it is prohibited for another member to touch it, except you !

The ONE who reviews the application for the first time, is the ONE who can accept/deny it !

And that is because, when a Corporal+ put an application on-hold, and another one accept it or deny it later, the second gets credit for that and not the first who made a complete check.

You must have been a Sergeant+ of FTO for at least two weeks to achieve this status. Any leave of absences or suspensions will PAUSE the requirement.

All Certified FTO members must complete at least ONE process (Application INT, TT, PT or even CTO).

Failure to complete the weekly requirements will result in a FTO Command discussion about the removal of your certification. The only way to be re-certified is to reinstate into the FTO division, work your way to Sergenat and remain as such for two weeks.

These requirements may change with or without notice, so please do your best to keep yourselves updated.

Weekly FTO Meeting

I believe that the key to running a smooth, successful division is to have consistent communication. You need to have regular communication with everyone within your division, at all times and be Open to anything that they might be concerned about, or have a suggestion about. With that being said, FTO will have a weekly meeting, same time, same day, every week. The attendance is mandatory, every week. It's not asking much, i will make sure it never lasts more than 30 minutes. Just a quick get together to speak about the week, and reflect, and maybe bring things up for discussion and just communicate mainly. So, FTO meeting will be every Saturday, at 1pm server time, in the FTO Office. All FTO are required to attend, all certified FTO, it's optional. Each week i will be doing roll calls before we start, whoever is a no show, you will be contacted and expected to explain yourself.

Sergeant Supervision Process

From this point on forwards, supervisions of FTO Trainings done by Sergeants as to ensure newly divisional entrants.
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Field Training Operations Handbook
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