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 Force Matrix

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PostSubject: Force Matrix   Mon May 18, 2015 10:46 pm

  • Force Matrix

  • San Andreas law dictates that law enforcement entities must use reasonable force when attempting to apprehend a suspect. As a law enforcement officer, the key definition of reasonable force is as follows;
    "A person is generally justified in using force that is intended or likely to cause great bodily harm, or even death, if the person reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent the commission of a forcible felony."

    In laymans terms, you have to respond with reasonable force in accordance to the actions of a suspect. The following is a five stage force matrix which must be abided by at all times. There are separate rules dependant on whether a suspect is on foot or is using a


  • Actively resisting arrest.

  • To break up a fight that is causing physical harm.

  • Suspect may have discharged a firearm, and is now fleeing, equipment is permitted to apprehend them.

  • Force Level 3 - Armed Force Permitted (Unholstering a weapon, do not fire unless situation escalates to force level 4)

  • Suspect has committed a felony involving the usage of a weapon.

  • Suspect is brandishing a firearm.

  • Force Level 4 - Lethal Force Permitted (Shoot to kill)

  • Suspect has their firearm aimed at a civilian or law enforcement officer.

  • Suspect is about to cause death to a civilian or law enforcement officer.

  • Suspect is

    Actively  discharging a firearm in an unlawful manner.*

  • *It is important to identify whether a person is using their firearm to protect their own safety (are the victim), or are using it to attack another civilian (are the suspect).

  • Beggining to cause danger to the public.*

  • Force Level 4 - Attempts to disable a vehicle or vehicle's tyres permitted

  • A person within the vehicle has

    active warrants for a serious felony/felonies.*

  • Suspect has their firearm aimed out of the window at a civilian or law enforcement officer.

  • Firearms are being discharged from the


  • *Shooting at a vehicle in populated areas is not permitted. Anybody found doing so will have disciplinary action taken against them. It is down to your own discretion on whether you believe it is safe to open fire, and whether you doing so could potentially cause harm to civilians. If available, Sergeant authorization is required to P.I.T or open fire upon a vehicle. If the Sergeant authorizes shots to be fired, without being involved in the pursuit, or having clear knowledge of the situation, disciplinary action will be taken against them.

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Force Matrix
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