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 How It Formed

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How It Formed  Empty
PostSubject: How It Formed    How It Formed  EmptyFri Jun 05, 2015 9:42 pm

Banned from TSR

Quote :
Revenge (Admin Banned) : Reason: Abused Admin Powers , "Hassan" (Executed for weak leadership) , Consequence: Not Allowed Back in Ever
Quote :
Joe [hunter_accurate] (Skype) : Reason: Misconduct on Skype , without permission assembled a group chat with another clan and random people with rude remark ,Consequence: No Longer Allowed In Team Stealth Reborn | Main Room / Team Stealth Reborn | Skype Division / =TSR= Galactic Warrior Empire

How It Formed shortly after revenge got fired from his clan position , him and freeze decided to form it and it's currently made outa 5+ former tsr members
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How It Formed
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