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 Ban Appeal Format

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Ban Appeal Format    Empty
PostSubject: Ban Appeal Format    Ban Appeal Format    EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 2:12 pm

This format will make it much easier for anyone to understand what you are trying to say so please use it. If you don't, your ban appeal will be automaticvally denied.

1. When where you banned? (Please be as specific as possible, just "the other day" will not be accepted!)

2. Who banned you?

3. Why where you banned? (This is not a chance to flame admins for banning you so please be respectful)

4. Where there any other staff members online when you where banned?

5. Any other info you think we should know (This induces any screenshots you might have)

If you have screenshots, post them! It will make your ban appeal much more likely to be accepted if you where truly wronged.
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Ban Appeal Format
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