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 Factions Leaders (Must Read)

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Factions Leaders (Must Read)  Empty
PostSubject: Factions Leaders (Must Read)    Factions Leaders (Must Read)  EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 8:07 pm

Faction Leaders
Should have atleast a semi-clean server record. For example, very low kicks and prisons and at most 1 ban.
Should be very active. They should be logging into the server regularly and actually playing/staying.
Should be an example to faction mates by being good RPers. They should be able to RP very well.
MUST announce they are not able to log in for a certain period of time before doing so, not just randomly disappearing.
Should be part of the server for AT LEAST 1 week.
You may NOT hire anyone without a forum application (Regardless if you want them to be RPed in, they must have an application first)

Please note that if you are a faction leader, you MUST post a notice if you are going to be inactive. The notice MUST include the server name of the person who you are leaving in charge of your faction while you are gone. This person must already be in your faction, no recruiting someone just to take over.

Also, the leader position of the one you leave in charge is only temporary. If the person left in charge is still a faction leader after you get back, both of you will be fired. Maximum to leave someone in charge is two weeks without written consent (on the forums, so everyone can see it) from an admin director and up administrator.
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Factions Leaders (Must Read)
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