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 Rush Tazing

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PostSubject: Rush Tazing   Rush Tazing EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 8:12 pm

tired of those people who rush taze and now I am going to type the rules about the proper use of tazer here.

Conition you cannot use /tazer:

1)When the suspect has any kind of weapons in his/her hands, for example: AK47, combat shotgun...
Even if the suspect has only a baseball bat or knife in his/her hands, you can only use your nitestick or spraycan as your defense strategy.

2)When the suspect has surrendered.

3)Don't taze the suspect without warnings beforehand.

4)You have to rp the tazing if you are planning to taze the suspect in the front, for example: /me aims the tazer at the man/woman and begins firing at he/she. You do not need to rp it if you are planning to taze it in the back.

5)Only taze the suspect if they attempt to run away(Noted, if they are running while carrying a weapon, you cannot taze him/her.

I will post more if things come back to my mind, sorry for the poor quality of the post because I was tired.

Past Personal Experience done by Rush Tazer and Non-RPER(Poor memorial)
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Rush Tazing
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