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 Laws of San Andreas

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PostSubject: Laws of San Andreas   Laws of San Andreas EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 8:17 pm

Laws of San Andreas
((OOC key: 1 year= 1 minute, Life imprisonment= 30 minutes))

San Andreas Traffic Laws:

Speeding: (300 dollars ticket)

Wreckless Driving (Minor): (100 dollars ticket)

Damaging public property with a vehicle: (5000 dollars ticket)

Failure to use car lights during night time: (200 dollars ticket)

Running a red light/stop sign ((Noted: You only need to stop for 3 seconds when the red light is on, then you may continue driving to proceed)): (500 dollars ticket)

Driving on the wrong side of the road: (1000 dollars ticket)

((Click on next to see information about illegal parking))

San Andreas - felonys and jailtimes

Illegal firearms- (3 years of imprisonment)


Legal Firearms-(Noted: All weapons must be kept in your home at all time)
Sil/Regular 9mm,Shotgun.
Weapon License Holders

Other Felonys:

Unarmed assualt: (2 years of imprisonment, 4 years if on a LEO)

Armed Assualt (8 years of imprisonment in fort demorgan,16 years if on a LEO)

Evading Police (1 year of imprisonment)

Resisting Arrest (1 year of imprisonment)

Armed Robberry (10 years of imprisonment in fort demorgan)

Sexual Assualt-Successful (20 Years of imprisonment in fort demorgan)

Sexual Assualt-Unsuccessful (4 years of imprisonment)

Vehicle Theft (2 Years of imprisonment)

Petty Theft (Anything worth below 10,000$ Dollars) (2 years of imprisonment)

Major Theft (Anything worth above 10k$) (5 years of imprisonment)

Murder (Life imprisonment in fort demorgan)

Murder on a Law Enforcement Officer (Sentenced to Death, either Hanging or Electrical Wheelchair)
Laws of San Andreas Fjlgg
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Laws of San Andreas
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