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 San Andreas Sheriffs Deparment - [Application Format]

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PostSubject: San Andreas Sheriffs Deparment - [Application Format]   Fri Mar 28, 2014 8:52 pm

Section 1. ((IC))

Personal Details.

1. Last name:

2. First name:

3. Address:

4. Your nationality:

5. Date of birth:

6. Languages spoken:

7. Have you ever been arrested:

8. If you were arrested why were you arrest:

9. Proof of identity,address and age((SS of /stats)):

Section 2. ((Still IC))

1. Do you have any knowledge about being a police officer((50 words minimum)):

2. Tell us a story about your self ((100 words minimum))

3. Why do you think you would be helpful in our department:

4. Do you understand that,if you break any rules or even laws you might be suspended from the force or you might be even fired:

5. Do you agree to follow all the rules and laws:


Section 3.


1. Real name:

2. Age:

3. IG level:

4. Time online each day:

5. Have you ever been banned?: IF yes,why?:

6. What is your time zone:

Applicants Signature Here:

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San Andreas Sheriffs Deparment - [Application Format]
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