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 National Guard Hand Book

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PostSubject: National Guard Hand Book   National Guard Hand Book EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 9:02 pm

First :

POSTER] Seen Anything unusual lately ?

noises coming from an abandoned house in the neighborhood?
Perhaps it's strange smells coming from you're neighbors house?

You're neighbors that live in an apartment buying fertilizer?

It's you're duty to report and inform Law Enforcement and National security authorities if you see potential terrorist threats or unusual activity, Here at Homeland Security, we care about you, America.

Please call 911, or email if you feel the need to report something.

Second :

[MANDATORY]Announcement To The Public

Just to let you know, OOC raiding of DeMorgan is against the rules of our server and you will be punished accordingly. This defines OOC raiding:
•There are no IC prisoners INSIDE the DeMorgan cells.
•You are there to talk to an OOC prisoner.
Server Moderators, Community Advisors, and Administrators are allowed to jail you for OOC raiding because there is no RP involved. An example of an RP raid would be coming to DeMorgan in an army skin and RPing with the soldiers using /me's and /do's.
That is all.

Third :

San Andreas Military Facility Zones (SAMFS)

The Following locations are Military Facility Zones and are to be treated as such
Color coding is as follows


•Civilians May not pass this point
•Law Enforcement must radio in if they wish to pass this point
•Civilians must turn away if Military Personnel instruct them to
•Civilians who fail to comply with the above, will be arrested
•Vehicles that pass the yellow zone without permission will be considered hostile

•Civilians found inside the Red-Zone will be Arrested, one warning given at the discretion of the CO ( Commanding officer )
•Law Enforcement within the red-zone who have failed to radio in prior to being spotted, will be questioned as to their purpose in the Red-Zone
•Unidentified Vehicles will be disabled.

Air-Traffic above red and yellow zones will be considered hostile and a terrorist threat, in order to avoid said instances occurring, Air-Traffic above SAMFS [See Title] is restricted to Military Aviation only - NO Civilian Air-Traffic will be permitted.
Attached are the necessary zone features.

Fourth :

[ANNOUCEMENT] Tazing Citizens With Firearms

This has been a big issue within the past couple weeks, and it needs to be addressed to all of you. There was a rule set in place that officers were allowed to taze from behind if a suspect is running away from you. That rule is abolished. That rule caused a lot of hearsay and arguing between the tazed suspect and the officer, and it's very hard to depict who is correct, so it's been removed.
If you understand this, then you should be fine:
If you are involved with a suspect or suspects that have firearms out, use your firearm. Do not take out a taser. Even if they switch their weapon and run away, keep your gun out. It's very easy for someone to read your taser command, that's pre-set, and for them to quickly take out a gun before they are tazed.
If you taze a suspect who has a firearm out, no matter how it is done, it is called rush tazing and you will be prisoned. If both parties agree it was an accident, then fine, but I'm just sick and tired of getting these complaints and reports of rush tazing, and when I go to a scene, I see a suspect tazed with a firearm out.
Use common sense. You wouldn't take out a taser on a suspect in real life who has a firearm out, regardless if it was in the back or what have you. No more of this nonsense.
National Guard Hand Book Usarugby1513
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National Guard Hand Book
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