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 San Andreas Armed Services Application Format

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San Andreas Armed Services Application Format Empty
PostSubject: San Andreas Armed Services Application Format   San Andreas Armed Services Application Format EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 9:04 pm

In Character Information :

First Name :

Last Name :

Sex/Gender :

Age :

Contact Number :

E-mail Addres :

Place Of Birth/Origin :

Employment :

Current Addres :

Years Lived In San Andreas :

Have You Ever Been Convected Of Crime ?

Have You Ever Served Time in Prison ?

Can you Communicate effectively in the English Language ?

Do you have a Drivers License and a Weapons License ?

Have you ever been in a Gang or a Criminal Organization ?

Do you Process any Law Enforcment knowledge ?

Do you Know your way arround San Andreas Well ?

Why do you Wish to Join the Armed Service ?
at least 100 words .

Why do you think . out of all Applications you will be the one to be Employed ?
at least 200 words .

Life Of Biography :
at least 500 words .

Out Of Character Information :

Age :

Sex/gender :

Country of Origin :

TimeZone :

How long you have been playing on this Server ?

Do you have any other accounts ?

Past Character Names + Levels :

Have you ever been warned/banned? if so . how many times were you warned/banned and what were they for ?

how many hours a day you play ?

Do you have Working microphone ?

Are you prepared to Use Team Speak ?

Your Past reoleplay experience/history :

Do you have any previous roleplay experience in any Faction ?

Have you read the information regarding the minimum requirements ?

Your Character Stats [ Screen Shot ] :

Recommendations :

Enlisted Solider :

Enlisted Solider :

CO (( Leaderhelp R5+ )) :
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San Andreas Armed Services Application Format
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