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 [EMS] Rules

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PostSubject: [EMS] Rules   [EMS] Rules EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 9:08 pm

The Emergency Medical Services Rulebook

1. Do not partake in any activity that would be considered against the law.
-Do not use guns, or vehicles you don't have proper licensing for

2. Don't duty job without first having a relevant medic skin.

3. Do not use Ambulances for personal activities or errands, use your own vehicle.

4. Do not use the Dispatch radio unless properly trained.

5. ALWAYS have a partner if one is available.

6. If you've been called to a scene which has since become an admin situation, leave if you aren't involved.

7. Refrain from using Code 3 protocol (lights and sirens) if you aren't attending to a call.

8. Announce through /r when you've arrived on scene, informing other medics of your position.

9. Remember to RP drive everywhere, it's important to our reputation that we're seen as having competent drivers.

10. Regard team-work highly as you go about day by day activities.

11. Refrain from vigilante activities - The LSPD will handle it.

12. Leave reports on other medics with a supervisor or above, it's important people who are breaking rules are corrected.

13. Test each other on a regular basis, train each other as a team and if you want to learn something new, ask!

14. Always, respect every member of the server ICly and OOCly, regardless of how they have treat you

[EMS] Rules W1wf2x
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[EMS] Rules
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