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 [EMS] Application Format

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[EMS] Application Format Empty
PostSubject: [EMS] Application Format   [EMS] Application Format EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 9:17 pm

Before Applying, Read Through This Thread First and Then Continue on and Apply.
This is an In-Character Application Form

Quote :



General Information:

1.1. Full Name:

1.2. Date of Birth:

1.3. Age:

1.4. Address:

1.5. Ethnicity:

1.6. Cellphone Number:

1.7. Marital Status:

1.8. Current Occupation:

Detailed Information:

2.0. Why are you applying for Emergency Medical Services?

3.0. What interests you about Emergency Medical Services?

4.0. Why should we choose you over everyone else?

5.0. Do you have any criminal convictions? If so - what?

6.0. Do you have any experience in medical treatments? If so, explain.

7.0. Tell us a bit about yourself, be sure to include details. (Minimum 1 paragraph)

8.0. Please rate yourself from 1 to 5 on the following qualities, 1 being not at all, 5 being completely.




•Team player:





How many hours do you play weekly?:

In game /stats (Post a link here)

Terms and Conditions:

I, [In-Game First and Last Name] agree that from this moment on, I will enforce all of the rules and support the law by assisting the community with medical assistance. I also agree to listen to those with higher ranks and to follow direction. I wish all candidates the best of luck in the application period and look forward to meeting some of you personally at a later stage.

[indent] [/indent]
[EMS] Application Format W1wf2x
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[EMS] Application Format
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