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 San Andreas News's Application Format

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San Andreas News's Application Format Empty
PostSubject: San Andreas News's Application Format   San Andreas News's Application Format EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 9:35 pm

1. IG name: _________
2. IG age (stats level): _______
1. Where do you came from?: _____
2. Why do you want to be a San Andreas News reporter? ____
3. Have you ever been arested?: _______
4. Are you willing to go to warzones/police operations? _____
5. So you have any prior Law enforcement experience?(optional; for security)_______
6. Are you good with technology? (for TS division) _____
7. How is your public speaking? ______
8. Are you good with people? ______
9. Will you use the radio/TV responsibly? ____
10. Would you prefer to be a radio host, or a TV host when the time arrives? _____

Signing here sanctifies this document under US federal law as a binding lawful document. if this application is accepted, and you disregard your statements here it will result in removal from the SANews team.
X: _____________________ ________________
OOC section
This section will be handled in game, with a test of your knowledge of abreviations of RP topics (ex: IC, OOC, RP)
San Andreas News's Application Format Sannewsgtasalogo
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San Andreas News's Application Format
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