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 Gangs Rules & Regulation

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Gangs Rules & Regulation Empty
PostSubject: Gangs Rules & Regulation   Gangs Rules & Regulation EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 10:07 pm


Rule One

Gangs must roleplay everything, from invitations to gang wars.

Rule Two

Your members should have appropriate names for your gang, such as Jose_Maldito for a hispanic gang or Jet_Lee for the Yakuza. Some exceptions are allowed.

Rule Three

All street gangs must roleplay in their "hood" often. This means rolling around your hood, dealing in your hood and doing things a gang would do in real life. This does not mean you cannot go out and do things, it simply means we want to see it happen.

Rule Four

Families should engage in activities such as bat fights if they're a street gang and other activities along those lines. This is not a strict requirement, but if your gang is constantly engaging in gun warfare, it is not very realistic and could earn your gang a warn.

Rule Five

All gangs should use appropriate skins. For example, if you are in Grove Street Families, never ask for a skin change to a chinese Yakuza member. This is not roleplay at all, and if it turns out to be a repeat offense, it could earn your gang a warn, especially if abused in point wars.

Rule Six

Do NOT mass recruit. Only recruit GOOD ROLEPLAYING members. Always remember, quality over quantity.

Rule Seven

Gangs must roleplay EVERY SINGLE invitation. If you're caught inviting members to your gang with little to no roleplay and/or little to no OOC knowledge tests, your gang will be in danger of receiving a gang warn and possibly being disbanded.

Rule Eight

Gangs may only ally with ONE other gang during a point war. And if three or more gangs are caught allied with each other at a point, each gang will be at risk of receiving a warn.

Rule Nine

If your Family Dming or RK and all the not allowed rules your family will get gang warn.

Rule Ten

Gangs may never change OOC point alliances without a gang moderator's permission. Any gangs found to be changing alliances for points without proper permission will risk being warned or possibly disbanded.

Rule Eleven

Gangs must have 1 to 5 gang cars maximum,Gang wont having massive number of cars if the gang will have more they'll recive a warn,continuing disbanded

Rule Twelve

All gangs be active 3 days from being officialy and then recuirt members

Gangs that recuirt right after they being official recive a warn,Continue disbanded

Rule Thirteen

Gangs members cant change their names often

Warn/Fine,Continue family ban

Rule Fourteen

Gang members cant random rob players,They can rob player only after RP

And not instantly rob.

Punishment-Gang warn,continue disbanded
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Gangs Rules & Regulation
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