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 Gang Application Information

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PostSubject: Gang Application Information   Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:15 pm



You need to be able to roleplay very well
You and your potential members must be active
You must have a minimum of 5 starting members (The more the merrier!)
You should have at least $500,000 in your bank
You must be at least level 10 at the time of application


1. Unofficial Gang Construction

When applying for a gang your Gang Leader and Co-Leaders will be researched. We are now REQUIRING all gang applicants to do unofficial Gang construction. It means your family will need to be RPing in their "hood", "set", or HQ. You will need to be doing your basic RP setup of your gang. Instead of the gang being only discussed through vent, we are now requiring you go IG to put your gang together and get things setup. We will be watching. It is also for us to know you are willing to put forth not only creative efforts on a story, but that you are also willing to focus on the more important aspect of this game: Roleplay.If this is not done, your family will be denied and you will have to wait a little while to re-apply.

2. Application

The application and its details can be found here
3. Awaiting a slot

If for some reason, there are no gangs slots available for your gang right away, your gang will be put on "Awaiting a slot". During this time, your gang must continue to RP as an unofficial gang. We will try to give you a slot right away. Note that during this time, your gang CAN be taken away from you at any time. If a leader or a co-leader is banned, that can also put you in jeopardy.
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Gang Application Information
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