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 Community Advisor Information [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]

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PostSubject: Community Advisor Information [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]    Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:24 pm

The, Community Advisor Application are now open!

Continuing on, what we are looking for are;

•Active and loyal community members.

•You are, at the time you post your application, at or above the age of 14, no exceptions at all for below 14.

•You have been playing URP for one (1) full month.

•You have had a forum account for one (1) full month.

•You can speak, read, and write English.

•You know the Server Rules.

•You will provide your full honesty on all application responses.

•You will not contact any current Community Advisor or Admin about the status of your application.

•You are a decent roleplayer.

•A well written, detailed and thorough application, covering all aspects.

•Mature, organized and friendly players.

•Be able to speak, write and read English adequately.

•Willing to help new and current players.

•Lastly, we're looking for around about 1-5 New Community Advisor's, covering the major timezones, USA, European and Australian/Asian. Maybe more, depending how we proceed.
The above will be a rough guideline in regards to what we are looking for as new Community Advisor. We want the best of the Community Advisors to help assist the players.

How do I apply, and how will the process work?

Well firstly, you will put up an application here, with a new thread with the name [Name_Here] Community Advisor Application. After filling all the required questions, you are asked to wait for a decision from either myself, Community Advisor Chief or a Head+ Admin. The following outcomes are possible for your application;

ACCEPTED - You are accepted as a Community Advisor. Congratulations.

PENDING - This means you are pending a decision from Head+ Admin or a Community Advisor Chief.

DENIED - You have been denied as a Community Advisor. You may NOT post another application. Reasons should be posted in regards to why you were denied. Sorry.

Current Community Advisors will have the authority to post their support or no support on any given application. No normal player will be allowed to do so. ANY PLAYER CAUGHT ASKING A Community Advisor or ADMIN TO POST ON THEIR APPLICATION, TO GAIN REPUTATION OR TRYING TO GAIN AN ADVANTAGE IN THE CA APPS, WILL RESULT IN A STRAIGHT DENIAL.

Applications/Applicants who do not fit into the above guidelines or are simply not fit for the role, will be instantly denied by Head+ Admin or Community Advisor Chief.

Previous Community Advisor Applications will be null, and you'll have to put up a new application under these new guidelines and format.

All the best,

U:RP Owner
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Community Advisor Information [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]
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