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 Community Advisors Rules

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PostSubject: Community Advisors Rules   Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:26 pm

1. CA are not allowed to punish a player if the advisor was involved in the situation, Only if the RP situation was public such as a Robbery, Police chase, Any situation that the advisors has partners

2. CA must be at the location of the player that he/she will punish, He/She can't just do it if some player or another advisor told him to do, Even an admin.
3. CA Chat can be used only to discuss some issue, They can use it for chatting if there were low amount of players are online, So no advisor that is RPing get spammed, Or even to the admins spammed beside the spamming of the reports.

4. Kicking for non-clear reasons is not allowed, Such as: GTFO Noob etc. Answering some player question doesn't just require a quick response only, Detailed answer is the important thing.
5. Advisors team must be on duty 55% of their online time, Beside the active helping of /newb and /hl.
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Community Advisors Rules
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