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 Community Advisor's Handbook

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PostSubject: Community Advisor's Handbook   Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:28 pm

Hope you enjoy reading the handbook:

1. Always be nice/respectful in your answers.

2. Try to speak proper english when answering questions.

3. Try to be as detailed as possible so players can understand you.

4. Please refrain from using abbreviations (ex. LS, SF, LV) when helping someone unless you tell them what that abbreviation means. A newbie may not know what you are talking about if you use abbreviations.

5. Tell them they can always use /joinhelp for additional help and long questions

6. NEVER use bad language or provide false information on purpose over /newb or other helper channels you will get a warning, 2 warning and you will be removed from your duty

7. If someone spams /hl use /hlkick, if they come back and proceed to spam very bad, use /hlban.

8. Don't just /hlkick people with out providing a warning.

9. Don't argue in /hl or have conversations with other helpers, /hl is for questions only.

10. Always try to be active on duty, inform your cheif advisor if your going to be inactive.
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Community Advisor's Handbook
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