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 Server Rules (Original Version)

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Server Rules (Original Version)  Empty
PostSubject: Server Rules (Original Version)    Server Rules (Original Version)  EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 2:04 pm

Server Rules
1. Respect Admins
Admins are there to make sure the game is fun. DO NOT PRETEND to be an admin, DO NOT INSULT admins, and listen to what they say. Anyone who doesn't respect an admin is IMMEDIATLY BANNED. Any attemps to log in as admin results in an instant ban. Insulting any admins will also result in an immediate ban.

2. No Advertising
Absolutely no advertising on the server, that includes Web Sites, Other Servers and Clans. Clans caught advertising or recruiting will have their tag banned.

3. No ****ing about the Server
It takes alot of ressources to run a server, and I get absolutely nothing in return. So if you don't like the server or your ping, don't **** about it, just go elsewhere. Players who constantly **** will be kicked.

This one is obvious.. ANYONE (yes, even regulars) caught with a cheat are immediatly banned. There is no point in cheating in Cops and Robbers, unless you really can't drive, in which case you shouldn't be playing. Cheaters are the lowest of the low, and are not welcome on the server. THIS INCLUDES any bug exploits. If you get caught cheating, pleading your case is useless as we only ban once we have very good proof.

5. Respect Other Players
Another simple one... Everyone just wants to have fun, so try to respect eachother. That means no hitting your teammates, no racism and no constant arguing with other players. Also, when you're a cop, please try not to hit or block other cops. If you lose control, let others pass before taking off.

6. Cops: No Teamkilling / Innocent Killing
Cops MAY NOT attack other cops or innocent civilians (white). Cops may only shoot in self defense.

7. No Deathmatching / Random Killing
Random Killing or killing someone for no reason is not tolerated in Cops And Robbers. It's not a deathmatch server, so don't kill / attack people for no reason, or you will be kicked / banned. This includes random hit contracts.

8. No Pausing!
Do not Pause the game for any reason! If you need to go away, quit and come back later. People who pause will be automatically kicked, and possibly banned.

9. Drive Properly!
Drive in the RIGHT lane, don't ram other people's cars for no reason and stay out of the way of police chases. Try to drive like you would in real life and try to watch out for other drivers. If you are a cop, give other cops enough space during a chase.

10. NO MODS!
The only mod allowed on the server is the detailed radar mod. If you have any other mods, you may not join the server. Anyone with mods will be banned.

Admins may enforce rules as they see fit, so be sure to listen to them.
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Server Rules (Original Version)
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