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 Government Elections?

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Government Elections?  Empty
PostSubject: Government Elections?    Government Elections?  EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 8:04 pm

What do you guys think about government elections? Elections will be fore all offices (I'll post what those are later, if we decide to have elections). If you say yes, then how should we carry our the elections? How long should the term be?

Note 1: Even if a person is elected, his/her election will be nullified by the admin team if he/she is not trusted, as we do not want him/her to take all the money out of the tax vault for his/her own interests.

Note 2: Yes admins will get a vote, if decided that there will be a vote. No their votes will not count any more than that of regular players. Yes, admins will be able to stand for election, but no they will not hold a grudge if you do not vote for them.

Note 3: Yes, there will be an impeachment process carried out by the admin team should a person abuse his/her office.
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Government Elections?
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