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Force Continum

There's been a couple issues within factions and how your force continuum (matrix) works. Each faction seems to have it differently, but it really should all be the same. I am about to write and explain information about how I would like all factions to use when approaching situations.

1. Force Level 1: Officer Presence

- Just an officer being on scene is a form of the force continuum. You present yourself as a uniformed officer to people you meet, it can be counted as a used of force to people around you. Just seeing you with your uniform, badge, and utility belt can make people back away.

2. Force Level 2: Verbal Communication

- Verbal communication is key when dealing with situations. Police officers must train all the time on their communication. If you can't communicate with people, then there's an issue. Communication techniques can be used to lower the situation down, and can be treated as an act of force.

3. Force Level 3: Control Techniques

- Control techniques do not involve any type of tools or weapons. It's simply using a "stance" and "steering" people. If you present yourself as a threat by the way you stand, and the way you move your hands, it will most likely lesson the opposing threat.

4. Force Level 4: Physical Force

- Physical force, again, does not involve any type of weapons. It has to do with using your hands and getting physical with a suspect. If they have nothing on them, no weapons, and are "normal" size or smaller than you are, you should be able to use your hands and physical force to apprehend the suspect without using any type of tools or weapons.

5. Force Level 5: Impact Tools

- Impact tools are your taser, OC (pepper) spray and your nitestick (baton). These are weapons not meant to cause the person to become deceased, but to stop a resister. A taser is a 50,000 volt weapon that releases 19 pulses per second into a body of a human being. There is a 5-8 second burst when the trigger is pulled. OC Spray is used to stop a resister by stopping their ability to see and focus correctly. OC Spray affects ones sight, breathing and skin by irritation. A nitestick is very handy and should be used to affect a suspects leg to knock them down during their aggression.

6. Force Level 6: Lethal Force

- Lethal force is the use of your side-arm. It's only to be used during situations where one is outnumbered, one has a firearm, or a suspect is coming at police officer while the officer is almost unconscious and the suspect may go for their firearm.

Here is a list of variables you must consider when choosing which force level you need for the type of situation:

1. Age

2. Size

3. Strength

4. Sex

5. Skill Level

6. Injury/Exhaustion

7. Prior Contact/Information

8. Officer Outnumbered

Those variables will tell you, and by the way the person is acting, which force level is best suitable for the situation.

One key thing to remember:

Use the LEAST amount of force necessary to stop the situation.
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