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 [NOTICE] Community Alpha/Beta Games

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[NOTICE] Community Alpha/Beta Games   Empty
PostSubject: [NOTICE] Community Alpha/Beta Games    [NOTICE] Community Alpha/Beta Games   EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 5:17 pm

Gaming Operations is in charge of all official (non-SAMP) URP games, and are always looking to expand their game collection to the games with the most multiplayer action and fun, as well as other criteria that is researched by our Gaming Innovations department. Over the course of our research, we sometimes experiment with the games in an active, live environment, and we also take feedback from our players. During this live test, we refer to the game in question in a "community alpha" or "community beta" phase, meaning that the game is still in active development, or we are in a trial period to fully experience the game before we make it an official URP game.

Any game that is brought into these phases are subject to be dismissed from our official games at any time if the game does not fully meet our criteria, and it may need further development before we can continue. If the game passes our phases, and all criteria is met, we will then announce it as an official game of URP. You can look into this further here.
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[NOTICE] Community Alpha/Beta Games
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